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We would like to inform you that we deliver propane in company-supplied tanks only. However, if you already have a tank, we would be happy to fill it. However, please note that we are not permitted to fill tanks supplied by our competitors and vice versa. Please ensure that our deliverers have access to your tank at all times. 
Since September, 2005, we have charged a delivery fee for each home delivery. This fee is adjusted annually at the beginning of September. Currently, the fee is $6.95 per delivery.

Three delivery options are available: automatic delivery, telemetry delivery and on-demand delivery.

Automatic delivery: We create a profile of your consumption habits to determine when to deliver. You do not need to phone us to arrange a delivery, unless you notice that your propane consumption is higher than usual or if you add new devices or appliances that run on propane. Since the validity of propane varies, we suggest that you contact us at the start and end of your validity period to avoid unnecessary deliveries.
Telemetry delivery : The customers who have a consumption of more than 700 liters a year and are on automatic deliveries are eligible for the telemetry system.
We shall install on your tank a device which communicates with our installation by cellular waves.  We shall receive the information of the propane level contained in your tank every week besides the alerts planned at 30% and 15%. 
when the telemetry system is installed on your tank and for which the prupose is a seasonal appliance like a pool heater or a fireplace, you have to inform us at the beginning and the end of your consumption period to avoid an unwanted propane delivery following the closing of your appliance if the percentage is near 30%.
On-demand delivery: You need to phone us to arrange each delivery. When your reservoir is at 30%, it is time to call us. Please note that there is no risk if your tank drops below 30%, it simply gives us a reasonable time frame to include your request in our seven to ten business day schedule so that you will not run out of gas. However, special delivery fees may apply if an urgent delivery requires us to redirect our truck from its regular route.
Please note that if your consumption is less than 500 liters per year, the delivery mode will be set on demand. Once a year, we analyze the consumption of all of our customers and we advise those customers propane, that we believe should be on demand for their deliveries, in writing. Unless otherwise advised by the customer, deliveries following the reception of the letter will be made on demand only.

The pressure gauge indicates the percentage in your reservoir. The pressure gauge is the small dial situated on the lid of your tank. If it is at 80%, the tank is full.

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