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Industrial and Commercial

Industrial and Commercial

Unit heater

Heating block supplied by a ventilator to circulate heat in a room.

Low intensity radiant heater (tubular)

A heater produces a flame within a tube and a ventilator transfers the heat into the tube; a deflector directs the heat down the tube.

High intensity radiant heater (infrared)


A heater heats a ceramic plate and the radiation produces live heat, creating a heat source that is primarily used in rooms with high ceilings, such as warehouses or arenas. The radiant heater is installed at a height of 3 metres so that only the parts of the room that are used are heated; the space between the heater and the ceiling remains unheated.

Heated floor

A boiler is required to heat the water, which circulates through hoses placed under the concrete floor, heating the room

Central Heating

Using a furnace and ventilation docks to distribute heat throughout several rooms.


Liquid propane fuels the forklift. Liquid propane is generally stored in a
33 lbs reservoir.
Water heater
Water heater for commercial use. The same concept as a residential water heater, but with a larger reservoir and a higher BTU rating to heat a larger quantity of water more quickly.

Commercial heater (torch)

Some products are manufactured using a torch, while others are used by roofers to attach the membranes onto flat roofs.

Air compensator

A device used to quickly heat outdoor air, which is then pumped indoors to replace the vitiated air, which is pumped out of the building. Primarily used if the building contains a dust collector.


Propane is used as a fuel to produce electricity in case of a power failure.


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